Why Local First?

Why Choose Local First?

Really, what's the big deal?

So let's talk about coffee. Since we must import coffee into Colorado, you may be wondering if it really matters where you buy your daily cup o Joe. It may seem that spending $3 at a national chain is the same as spending $3 at a local coffee shop, but your spending choices have a profound impact on your own local economy and community.

We've uncovered 3 underlying threads that distinguish your local coffee shop from the national chain.

  1. Economic Multiplier Effect
    Businesses in your town buy more often from other businesses in your town, which recirculates more money in your region. Hooray! Since business owners live right there in your community, the profits stay in your economy.
  2. Sustainability
    Purchasing goods made closer to home reduces fossil fuel use and shortens the supply chain, keeping you more connected to where and how your goods are produced.
  3. Community
    Local entrepneurs are more connected to your community and more likely to support community projects, because just like you, they also have hobbies, go to events, volunteer, dine at their favorite restaurants, and donate to their favorite charities.

It's Working!

According to the 2012 survey by theĀ Institute for Local Self-Reliance, when you choose to do business locally, you are indeed making an impact. And that impact is happening at its best in the communites like ours that have embraced Local First.

  • 65% of respondents reported revenue growth in 2012, more than in 2011 or 2010.
  • 68% of respondents thought awareness of the benefits of "going local" had increased in the previous year.
  • 75% of respondents with an Local First or similar initiative in their community recognized benefit to their businesses.
  • Independent businesses in communities with Local First iniatives and similarly-modeled grassroots groups reported an average revenue increase of 8.6%, compared to 3.4% among other independents.

Studies & Research on Local First

Numerous studies have been conducted in the past decade comparing the impact of locally owned businesses to non-local businesses. The study Local Works! Examining the Impact of Local Business on the West Michigan Economy says: a modest change in consumer behavior - a mere 10 percent shift in market share to independent businesses from chain stores - would result in 1,600 new jobs, $53 million in wages, and a $137 million economic impact to the area.

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