Bad Buisness at Plum Portico Properties

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I was a tenant for 501 hollywood Ft Collins, CO. I experienced a late move in, 25 to be exact. Marylea Dornseif, our landlord, told us it was unavoidable. The front yard was patchy and underwatered, the back was nothing but weeds and dust. We were under the impression that we needed to maintain, the lawns, which we did. We watered, mowed, and laid down weed control. the front looked much heathier when we left. We mowed the weeds in the back and watered, but there wasnt much we could do, without using money out of our pocket to fix their property's backyard.They never instructed us to do so, so we didn't, we maintained what was given to us.

We were given a bill after 60 days, with a charge for $300.00 fee for tilling and reseeding the backyard.
-the roof leaked
-the house was not up to code

We didn't decide to move out even though we had good reason, because we thought Marylea was a good person. We figured, we would be leaving her high and dry. She took our deposit, and is now asking for us to pay for her numerous upgrades to the house. Nearly $450

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