Localness Details for Kan Toria Hair Studio

First Mountain


Headquartered in Colorado

This mountain is the minimum requirement for a business to be a member of the Mile High Business Alliance. It means that they have chosen to make Colorado the home state for their corporation. Companies that are headquartered elsewhere, or that operate in Colorado but have incorporated in other states (such as a Delaware Corp or a Nevada Corp to avoid state taxes) do not qualify.

Second Mountain


Percent Ownership in Colorado

This mountain shows how much of the ownership of a company is based in Colorado. This affects how connected they are to the local community as well as their ability to respond and make decisions relative to the community's needs. It also indicates whether profits will recirculate. Publicly traded companies can only count major shareholders (who own 5% or more) toward local ownership.

Third Mountain


Percent Employment in Colorado

This mountain indicates how much of a businesses payroll recirculates in our community vs. how much goes to outside employees. This figure is calculated from either dollars of payroll or number of employees in the state.

Fourth Mountain


Percent Purchasing in Colorado

Businesses making the effort to buy locally will have higher numbers here. This mountain shows what portion of the purchasing and expenses of a company are spent within the state. If a company does significant outsourcing, offshoring, importing or other spending out of state, it will register here, lowering their score.

Fifth Mountain


Sales Base in Colorado

Having an established local customer base is one of the indicators that a company is more likely to stay here. It also increases their responsiveness to local needs and feedback. This mountain shows what portion of sales are actually done in state.

All Five Mountains

1.0 out of 5.0 mountains

Total Localness

This overall localness rating is the combination of each of the mountains described above. It shows you how strongly a business is tied to its community. It also indicates how much of every dollar you spend with them is likely to recirculate within the community. Most businesses which don't qualify to be included in our directory (such as national chains like Home Depot, Wal-mart, McDonalds, or Barnes & Noble) would not even merit a single mountain. This is of course why they are not included in the first place.

Did you know that if you are involved with a local business, that every dollar you spend at another local business is 5 to 8 times more likely to come back in your door, than a dollar spent at a national chain? That is why the Mile High Business Alliance is tackling our community's economy by supporting local business. Every $1.00 spent at a national chain sends $0.80 to $0.90 straight out of our community. We have to work many times harder to attract that money back again than we do to keep it here in the first place.

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