Entry level dental careers in Colorado

You probably know that healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing. Bureau of Labor

HealthEntry level dental careers in Colorado
Entry level dental careers in Colorado

Entry level dental careers in Colorado

You probably know that healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing. Bureau of Labor gives us information about continuous medical care growth all the time. Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is a career considered to have tremendous growth in not so far away future.  This career path can provide you various benefits which we will discuss later.

But first of all, let`s make it about the term PTA. What is PTA? Physical Therapy Assistant is a part of a team headed by a physical therapist. Together they talk about physical therapy services that would be the most appropriate ones for patients under the supervision of a physical therapist.  To put it simple, physical therapist assistant is a professional that`s helping individuals suffering from various issues affecting their mobility. There are many reasons that can lead to such conditions, like illness, developmental disorder, accident or any other condition that can limit people`s activity. PTA`s can work in all sorts of settings, such as hospitals, outpatient clinic, elderly care and nursing homes, private physical therapy practices, athletic facilities, universities, fitness centers, inpatient rehabilitation facilities or even research centers.

Why is it good to become a PTA?

One of the most important things about PTAs is that there are low educational requirements. In most cases, you will need about two years to obtain an associate degree. Of course, after you`re done with all of the classes, you will have to go through several weeks or even months of clinical experience before you can start looking for your first job. But if you`re interested in obtaining a master`s degree in order to become a Physical Therapist, you will need much more time.

Another great thing about being a PTA is that they are in great demand, and it is expected that their job possibilities will grow significantly in the near future. There are multiple ongoing cases that are requiring physical therapy, because many occupations are involved in not so pleasant conditions. Also, the constantly growing elderly population requires physical therapy from time to time, therefore the increased demand.

Even though PTA is considered to be one of many Entry Level Medical Roles, payment is far from being low or dissatisfactory. Considering the low educational requirements, PTAs have really good salaries. For example, annual average salary of a PTA is approximately 51.000$. But, some of the highest PTA salaries can be earned in positions like technical consulting services, management or scientific consulting, earning over 75.000$ per year.

One of the greatest aspects of being a PTA is that you actually help people so they can get more mobility and independence as much as possible. It`s a fast-paced job that very energetic and active throughout the day and you will never feel bored.

In case you`re living in Colorado, you will have to be very careful when looking for physical therapy schools in Colorado, because you wish only for the best education that will provide you tomorrow a decently paid job. Anyway, PTA is a growing career and it`s very rewarding and supportive field in terms of education continuation and supervision.

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